Summer Trips: St. Louis, MO

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Last month, the kids, my mom and I all traveled to Indiana to visit family.  We decided to drive to save money and have more flexibility with our length of stay.  We made it all the way to St. Louis our first night.  So, the next morning, we went to see the famous Gateway Arch.  It wasn’t too crowded because we got there early and we opted out of the ride to the top.  I don’t think the kids would have enjoyed it quite yet.  But they did complete their Jr. Ranger program and received their badges as pictured in the bottom right.  My son did not like wearing his and he is actually standing behind his sister in the picture of her, can you see his shadow?.  It was interesting to see the Mississippi River at flood stage, being almost up to the road that runs along the river.  We are in such a drought right now,  I wish they could cart the water to us!

I’ll post more of our trip soon.  I have been having fun playing with different presets in lightroon to add vintage feels to some of the photographs I have taken.  I hope you enjoy and check back soon to see more of our trip.  :)

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