I am mother

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I recently stumbled across a blog dedicated to keeping the passion alive in your personal work.  It really spoke to me, because that is what I feel is lacking in my work of late.  So I dove in full force to see what this was all about.  On there, Brooke Shaden, who runs the blog, posted a challenge to anyone willing to accept, to take a self portrait and finish the sentence “I am __”.   So, I gladly accepted the challenge.  It has been too long since I have done anything at all!  So much of my time and energy is wrapped up in my family, my children in particular.  So what a perfect image for me, “I am a mother”.  I did go a little cliche with a momma bird theme, but it fits me right now.  I am protector, I am inspire-er, I am here for them.  I want them to embrace the world, but only as much as they can handle.  I want them to be excited, but also protected from evil.  I want them to know love and feel secure.  I am their mother, and I love them.


I am mother

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