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This past weekend my daughter and I went on her girl scout troops first camp out.  My daughter loves to go camping so she was so excited about this trip.  I was happy to be able to go with her.  She had such a great time.  We stayed in cabins with cots and thin mattresses, so sleeping wasn’t the best, but it beat sleeping on the ground!   We were very fortunate to have great weather the entire weekend.    We were afraid we might get cold.  This is Texas, and you just never know what you are going to get weather-wise, unless it is summer!  ;)

The girls earned three different badges while they were there.  They went on a hike and got to go exploring down in the sand dunes.  They even had to help prepare and clean up all our meals.  It was a great experience for these girls. I am glad I had the opportunity to do this with my daughter.  I look forward to the next big event and hope I get to go along!

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