Dublin Dr. Pepper

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This past Wednesday, the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant stopped production over a suite filled with the parent company Dr. Pepper/Snapple.  I am unsure of the details, but their are numerous news stories available on the web if you wish to learn more.

I have always wanted to go out there, and finally we did on Saturday.  We weren’t the only ones either.  There were many many people there, to tour the bottling plant and buying their Pure Sugar Cane Dr. Peppers (the best in my opinion).  It was nice to see all the support for the town, the true losers in all this mess.  I am hoping people will still journey to Dublin to visit.  The plant was a large draw.  They will still be bottling their XXX Root Bear, which makes a great Root Bear float, I might add.  We stayed for ice cream and a root bear float.  I tried the Dr. Pepper float, but it was waaaay too sweet for me.  The kids enjoyed seeing the history and learning about the town, and of course the sugary treat too!  So, I hope that you journey on down to Dublin, Texas sometime, and take in the small town nostalgia there.  Happy Traveling!


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