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My husband and I had the privilege to go to Colorado for a vacation without the kids.  It was a much needed retreat with each other.  We went camping a couple nights and then stayed in a condo in Keystone the rest of the time.  We were not fortunate to see much wildlife though.  We did see a couple of bears off in the distance as we were waiting for the sun to set from an overlook.  One of them was splashing and playing in the water.

We enjoyed hiking and taking it easy this trip.  We hiked a trail that went above the timberline.  It was cold up there.  There was old mining buildings that were really interesting.  The hiking guide said that a landslide smashed it to smithereens.

I loved being able to wear jeans and a light sweater around. The mountain air was just what my lungs needed.  I always feel at home in the mountains.  I never want to leave when I am there!

It was nice to have no agenda and to be alone with my husband for a week.


Pond we hiked to

Old bear claw marks that are now scars, aspen tree


Last bit of color captured by cell phone

Sapphire point overlook

Found some snow on our hike

Lake on our hike

Old mine

My Sexy husband ;)

Us on our hike above the timber line

One last sunset before we leave


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