Parker County Peach Festival 2011

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Yesterday, we headed out to the Parker County Peach Fest.  It was hot!  Somewhere near 100+.  But we still had fun.  We’ve lived in Parker County for five years now, and this was our first year.  Lots and lots of vendors there with nifty crafts and wares.  Here are a few highlights of the fest.  And somehow, I completely forgot tot get a shot of the peaches!  Oh well.  At least I got the kids eating one!  They loved it!   There were all kinds of peach made products like peach cobbler, peach ice cream,  peach jam and even peach salsa.  I didn’t get a taste of that peach salsa.  I wonder if it is any good?  I’ll have to try it next year.  Abby enjoyed the peach honey.  I think they were most excited about the school bus shuttle that took us from the parking lot to the festival.  Lot of sights and smells to indulge in.    Looking forward to next year.  :)