Summer Travels

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The stairs leading down the cave entrance


Landscape at Mammoth Cave National Park


Relief Sculpture at Dayton Aviation NHP


A replica of the Write Family Store at the Dayton Aviation NHP


The Monument honoring the Write Brothers at Dayton Aviation NHP


The field where the Wright Brothers tested their airplanes in Dayton


A Modern day aircraft flies overhead while visiting the birthplace of aviation, Dayton, OH.


An early aircraft in the National Air Force Museum

This summer, my family took a trip to the Mid West where I am from.  Along the way we made some stops to see the local attractions.  Since we are only about 5 minutes from Mammoth Cave National Park, we stopped in there.  Unfortunately, there were no tours of the cave available, and we didn’t have time to do any of the ones that day even if they were.  So, that is definitely on the list of places to make a trip to, instead of see as you go.  I use to live in Kentucky, and driving through made me miss it even more.  It is a beautiful place with rolling hills and beautiful trees.  It is so green there even in August!

The next stop before our final destination, was Dayton, OH.  My very good friend lives there now (she’s too far!) and I just had to stop to see her.  It was really neat to see the Dayton Aviation NHP and watch about the Wright brothers and their humble beginnings.  We also toured the National Air Force Museum, which is a must see when you are there.  It was perfect to see after learning of the beginnings of aviation.  We also made a stop to the field where the Wright Brothers tested their airplanes. It was really neat to see where all this history took place.  We just need to venture out to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina to make our Aviation History tour complete.  :)

I will post later about our final destination in Indiana.

First Camp out | Aledo, TX children photographer

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This past weekend my daughter and I went on her girl scout troops first camp out.  My daughter loves to go camping so she was so excited about this trip.  I was happy to be able to go with her.  She had such a great time.  We stayed in cabins with cots and thin mattresses, so sleeping wasn’t the best, but it beat sleeping on the ground!   We were very fortunate to have great weather the entire weekend.    We were afraid we might get cold.  This is Texas, and you just never know what you are going to get weather-wise, unless it is summer!  ;)

The girls earned three different badges while they were there.  They went on a hike and got to go exploring down in the sand dunes.  They even had to help prepare and clean up all our meals.  It was a great experience for these girls. I am glad I had the opportunity to do this with my daughter.  I look forward to the next big event and hope I get to go along!


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My husband and I had the privilege to go to Colorado for a vacation without the kids.  It was a much needed retreat with each other.  We went camping a couple nights and then stayed in a condo in Keystone the rest of the time.  We were not fortunate to see much wildlife though.  We did see a couple of bears off in the distance as we were waiting for the sun to set from an overlook.  One of them was splashing and playing in the water.

We enjoyed hiking and taking it easy this trip.  We hiked a trail that went above the timberline.  It was cold up there.  There was old mining buildings that were really interesting.  The hiking guide said that a landslide smashed it to smithereens.

I loved being able to wear jeans and a light sweater around. The mountain air was just what my lungs needed.  I always feel at home in the mountains.  I never want to leave when I am there!

It was nice to have no agenda and to be alone with my husband for a week.


Pond we hiked to

Old bear claw marks that are now scars, aspen tree


Last bit of color captured by cell phone

Sapphire point overlook

Found some snow on our hike

Lake on our hike

Old mine

My Sexy husband ;)

Us on our hike above the timber line

One last sunset before we leave


Dublin Dr. Pepper

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This past Wednesday, the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant stopped production over a suite filled with the parent company Dr. Pepper/Snapple.  I am unsure of the details, but their are numerous news stories available on the web if you wish to learn more.

I have always wanted to go out there, and finally we did on Saturday.  We weren’t the only ones either.  There were many many people there, to tour the bottling plant and buying their Pure Sugar Cane Dr. Peppers (the best in my opinion).  It was nice to see all the support for the town, the true losers in all this mess.  I am hoping people will still journey to Dublin to visit.  The plant was a large draw.  They will still be bottling their XXX Root Bear, which makes a great Root Bear float, I might add.  We stayed for ice cream and a root bear float.  I tried the Dr. Pepper float, but it was waaaay too sweet for me.  The kids enjoyed seeing the history and learning about the town, and of course the sugary treat too!  So, I hope that you journey on down to Dublin, Texas sometime, and take in the small town nostalgia there.  Happy Traveling!


A day at the Fort Worth Wildlife Refuge and Nature Center

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A week or so ago, our family ventured out to the Fort Worth Wildlife Refuge and Nature Center.  This little gem has lots to offer!  There are some great hiking trails if you are up to that.  With little kids, we didn’t do too much of it, though, I think we could have done more.  Wildlife, including buffalo and prairie dogs are “roaming” the park.  Meaning, they are fenced in and you can see them if you are lucky.  The prairie dog has long been a family favorite since our visit to South Dakota a couple years ago, so it was fun seeing the little critters again.  I let me daughter borrow my other camera to take pictures at her whim.  She had lots of fun and took some decent pictures too!  We saw a lot of deer while driving through the park, and we each got a decent picture of one.  It was a beautiful day, and I am so glad I got to spend it with my family enjoying the great out doors!

 And here are a few of my daughter’s pictures she took.  I think she did a great job!  And she had so much fun using mommy’s camera.



Galveston Beach Trip

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We recently went down to Galveston, Texas for a mini vacation.  Of course I had to take some pictures of us!  But, photographing your own family with you in it is not easy! So, we did not get a great family portrait this year… But I did manage to get one, and I did manage to get a few decent other ones.  They did not want to wait for the “sweet light” because they wanted to play in the water instead.  Oh well, you get what you can when you are working with your own kids and husband!  ;)


Indianapolis Children’s Museum

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While we were in Indiana last month, we decided to visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  This place is huge!  I remember having gone when I was a child, but I do not remember it being THAT big!  The kids loved it.  We saw real dinosaur bones and even got to touch one.  The girls had fun dressing up and walking the runway in the Barbie exhibit.  Patrick enjoyed the race car and the play land.  We stayed almost the entire time it was open.  The kids got to participate in the end of the day parade where a dinosaur marches everyone out of the building starting from the top to the bottom.  If I ever went back, I’d make it a two day trip!  There is just so much do to, we did not see everything there.  But it was lots of fun!  :)

Summer Trips: St. Louis, MO

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Last month, the kids, my mom and I all traveled to Indiana to visit family.  We decided to drive to save money and have more flexibility with our length of stay.  We made it all the way to St. Louis our first night.  So, the next morning, we went to see the famous Gateway Arch.  It wasn’t too crowded because we got there early and we opted out of the ride to the top.  I don’t think the kids would have enjoyed it quite yet.  But they did complete their Jr. Ranger program and received their badges as pictured in the bottom right.  My son did not like wearing his and he is actually standing behind his sister in the picture of her, can you see his shadow?.  It was interesting to see the Mississippi River at flood stage, being almost up to the road that runs along the river.  We are in such a drought right now,  I wish they could cart the water to us!

I’ll post more of our trip soon.  I have been having fun playing with different presets in lightroon to add vintage feels to some of the photographs I have taken.  I hope you enjoy and check back soon to see more of our trip.  :)