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When I was going through some of my grandmother’s old photographs, I stumbled upon my grandfather’s dog tags from his service in World War II.  Since my children never had the privilege of knowing their great grandfather, creating these portraits meant a lot to me.  We talked a bit about who he was and what these metal plates were for.  I know that they are still a little young to understand completely, but my hope is that a seed has been planted, and perhaps when they begin to learn about World War II in school, they will remember and want to know more.  More about their great grandfather who risked his life serving his country, who thankfully came home.

Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the actual World War II memorial in Washington D.C. because of time and travel issues (besides it being closed due to the government shutdown).  I would one day like to travel there and take along these tags, and his picture and tell my children more about my grandfather, the war, and world at that time.  Until that time, I will cherish these portraits, as a way to bridge the gap between the generations that time would not allow to meet.

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Family of 5 | Aledo Texas Family Photographer

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It’s been so long since I have blogged, and I have missed it so.  I hope that you are not mad at me for taking a break for it for a while.  I want to slowly get back into this.  Computer time just eats up a lot of time I need for other things, like snuggles from my kiddos.  Or capturing memories of wonderful families like this one.  I wish every family would take their family portraits at the lake.  There is just something special about it.  I do realize that not everyone enjoys the lake, but for those that do, it is a beautiful setting for any portrait session.  This lake is special to the family, and that makes it all the more meaningful.  I love how the evening glow shimmers around them, like their love for each other.  They are some of the warmest people you will meet, always smiling and full of cheer.    Thank you E family for allowing me to create meaningful portraits for you.

Grandmother’s Book | Aledo Texas Children Photographer

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I recently did a session of my children and my grandmother’s book.  This was her favorite storybook when she was a child, and I am happy to have it.  I thought it would be neat to photograph my children with it, enjoying it as she did as a child.  I also incorporated a portrait of her when she was close to my daughter’s age.  I love bringing the past alive to the present generation.  My grandmother and my daughter would have been two pees in a pod, she reminds me so much of her.  She has the charismatic spirit and a genuine heart that I remember most about my grandmother.  I want my daughter to know of her great grandmother, and get a sense of who she is from learning about those who came before her.

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My Daughter | Aledo, Texas Child Photographer

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My little girl is getting so big.  She just had her birthday yesterday. She is at the age where portraits are not so much fun anymore.  I have to bribe her to get a few!  Here are some of my favorites from the quick session she “let” me do.  ;)   There are still a few that I wanted to get, but didn’t, so I might have to bribe her again for a few more.

She is a fun and imaginative soul with a big heart.  My little creative, wonderful, beautiful girl!



Autumn Fields | Aledo, TX Child Photographer

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While out and about, I found this fabulous field and just HAD to do a shoot there!  It is so pretty in the afternoon light.  It’s almost magical.   The kids had a lot of fun tickling each other and themselves with the tall grass.  Then we found this lovely stone wall, and it was a great backdrop.  Many fun memories were made that day.  I love finding new locations to shoot!