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I am a wife and mother with a BFA in art-photography. I love photography and I love children, and Love being able to photograph children! I love my job! :)

I am mother

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I recently stumbled across a blog dedicated to keeping the passion alive in your personal work.  It really spoke to me, because that is what I feel is lacking in my work of late.  So I dove in full force to see what this was all about.  On there, Brooke Shaden, who runs the blog, posted a challenge to anyone willing to accept, to take a self portrait and finish the sentence “I am __”.   So, I gladly accepted the challenge.  It has been too long since I have done anything at all!  So much of my time and energy is wrapped up in my family, my children in particular.  So what a perfect image for me, “I am a mother”.  I did go a little cliche with a momma bird theme, but it fits me right now.  I am protector, I am inspire-er, I am here for them.  I want them to embrace the world, but only as much as they can handle.  I want them to be excited, but also protected from evil.  I want them to know love and feel secure.  I am their mother, and I love them.


I am mother

Summer Travels

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The stairs leading down the cave entrance


Landscape at Mammoth Cave National Park


Relief Sculpture at Dayton Aviation NHP


A replica of the Write Family Store at the Dayton Aviation NHP


The Monument honoring the Write Brothers at Dayton Aviation NHP


The field where the Wright Brothers tested their airplanes in Dayton


A Modern day aircraft flies overhead while visiting the birthplace of aviation, Dayton, OH.


An early aircraft in the National Air Force Museum

This summer, my family took a trip to the Mid West where I am from.  Along the way we made some stops to see the local attractions.  Since we are only about 5 minutes from Mammoth Cave National Park, we stopped in there.  Unfortunately, there were no tours of the cave available, and we didn’t have time to do any of the ones that day even if they were.  So, that is definitely on the list of places to make a trip to, instead of see as you go.  I use to live in Kentucky, and driving through made me miss it even more.  It is a beautiful place with rolling hills and beautiful trees.  It is so green there even in August!

The next stop before our final destination, was Dayton, OH.  My very good friend lives there now (she’s too far!) and I just had to stop to see her.  It was really neat to see the Dayton Aviation NHP and watch about the Wright brothers and their humble beginnings.  We also toured the National Air Force Museum, which is a must see when you are there.  It was perfect to see after learning of the beginnings of aviation.  We also made a stop to the field where the Wright Brothers tested their airplanes. It was really neat to see where all this history took place.  We just need to venture out to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina to make our Aviation History tour complete.  :)

I will post later about our final destination in Indiana.

Dog Tags | Aledo, Texas Child Photographer

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When I was going through some of my grandmother’s old photographs, I stumbled upon my grandfather’s dog tags from his service in World War II.  Since my children never had the privilege of knowing their great grandfather, creating these portraits meant a lot to me.  We talked a bit about who he was and what these metal plates were for.  I know that they are still a little young to understand completely, but my hope is that a seed has been planted, and perhaps when they begin to learn about World War II in school, they will remember and want to know more.  More about their great grandfather who risked his life serving his country, who thankfully came home.

Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the actual World War II memorial in Washington D.C. because of time and travel issues (besides it being closed due to the government shutdown).  I would one day like to travel there and take along these tags, and his picture and tell my children more about my grandfather, the war, and world at that time.  Until that time, I will cherish these portraits, as a way to bridge the gap between the generations that time would not allow to meet.

How can I help you connect your family with the past?

Family of 5 | Aledo Texas Family Photographer

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It’s been so long since I have blogged, and I have missed it so.  I hope that you are not mad at me for taking a break for it for a while.  I want to slowly get back into this.  Computer time just eats up a lot of time I need for other things, like snuggles from my kiddos.  Or capturing memories of wonderful families like this one.  I wish every family would take their family portraits at the lake.  There is just something special about it.  I do realize that not everyone enjoys the lake, but for those that do, it is a beautiful setting for any portrait session.  This lake is special to the family, and that makes it all the more meaningful.  I love how the evening glow shimmers around them, like their love for each other.  They are some of the warmest people you will meet, always smiling and full of cheer.    Thank you E family for allowing me to create meaningful portraits for you.

Jamaica Mission Trip | Aledo Texas Portrait Photographer

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This past March, my daughter and I had the privilege to go to Jamaica on a mission trip through our church.  Some of our friends are there as missionaries, and it was a wonderful time seeing them again.  We went down with a few new friends from our church to help out  as needed around the campus they operate for the deaf children in the area.  It was such a blessing to be able to take my daughter and to show her what service can look like.  She got to serve the missionary kids by playing with them and being a familiar friend from home.

Some of our work included painting, pouring cement for a new drive way that goes down the hill to the dorm, and laying cinder blocks.  One of the people on the trip brought eye glasses and tested the students who needed help seeing in class.  The work was hard in the heat, but it was fun to be able to do it!  At night, we slept on cots with a sheet because there was no air conditioning.  Nor was their hot water.  Taking a cold shower in the afternoon took some getting use to, but after laying concrete all day, it was nice to cool off.

I was also assigned the task of updating the pictures they have of the students for their sponsor book.  Many of the students there cannot afford to go, so they rely on sponsorships from others.  These sponsorships cover the cost of tuition, room and board, and meals. It was a fun assignment, and I got to meet all the students there, as well as most of the staff.  If you would like more information on sponsoring a child, please see the bottom of this post.

The children there are just like any other children, full of life, wanting to play, and as cute as can be.  It is the purpose of the campus to teach them a language and a trade and to share the gospel with them.  It was interesting learning to communicate with them, as many of us did not know sign language aside from the basics.  But we were able to get some conversations in, though short as they might be.   The highlight of my trip was seeing one of the older girls standing by a window looking out, signing.  We asked the other girls what she was doing, and they signed to us that she was praying.  It was so beautiful to see that no matter how, we can communicate with God.

Part of the CCCD Campus


Me and my daughter.


Laying a cement curb for the new driveway.


Some students in their Bible study class.


Glasses for students who need them.


One of the students getting tested for new classes.


New glasses to read better with.


We took a trip to the local infirmary to love on the people there, as they do not get many visitors.

This lady had a beautiful voice.  She sang us a song when we arrived.


A view of a street market place.


It was neat watching the students “sing” in their sign language.  It was very beautiful.


This is a painting of the CCCD logo in the office.


We also got to be a tourist with a day to the beach.  The water was a little ruff from an earlier storm that blew in, but it was still gorgeous.


Our group that went to Jamaica to help out in anyway they could.  It was a very neat experience.  One that I hope to do again!

To learn more about the CCCD, please visit:


If you would like to sponsor a child or support the CCCD in anyway, please go to:


Grandmother’s Book | Aledo Texas Children Photographer

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I recently did a session of my children and my grandmother’s book.  This was her favorite storybook when she was a child, and I am happy to have it.  I thought it would be neat to photograph my children with it, enjoying it as she did as a child.  I also incorporated a portrait of her when she was close to my daughter’s age.  I love bringing the past alive to the present generation.  My grandmother and my daughter would have been two pees in a pod, she reminds me so much of her.  She has the charismatic spirit and a genuine heart that I remember most about my grandmother.  I want my daughter to know of her great grandmother, and get a sense of who she is from learning about those who came before her.

How can I help bring the past alive for your family?


My Daughter | Aledo, Texas Child Photographer

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My little girl is getting so big.  She just had her birthday yesterday. She is at the age where portraits are not so much fun anymore.  I have to bribe her to get a few!  Here are some of my favorites from the quick session she “let” me do.  ;)   There are still a few that I wanted to get, but didn’t, so I might have to bribe her again for a few more.

She is a fun and imaginative soul with a big heart.  My little creative, wonderful, beautiful girl!



First Camp out | Aledo, TX children photographer

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This past weekend my daughter and I went on her girl scout troops first camp out.  My daughter loves to go camping so she was so excited about this trip.  I was happy to be able to go with her.  She had such a great time.  We stayed in cabins with cots and thin mattresses, so sleeping wasn’t the best, but it beat sleeping on the ground!   We were very fortunate to have great weather the entire weekend.    We were afraid we might get cold.  This is Texas, and you just never know what you are going to get weather-wise, unless it is summer!  ;)

The girls earned three different badges while they were there.  They went on a hike and got to go exploring down in the sand dunes.  They even had to help prepare and clean up all our meals.  It was a great experience for these girls. I am glad I had the opportunity to do this with my daughter.  I look forward to the next big event and hope I get to go along!

Autumn Fields | Aledo, TX Child Photographer

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While out and about, I found this fabulous field and just HAD to do a shoot there!  It is so pretty in the afternoon light.  It’s almost magical.   The kids had a lot of fun tickling each other and themselves with the tall grass.  Then we found this lovely stone wall, and it was a great backdrop.  Many fun memories were made that day.  I love finding new locations to shoot!