Laura Zalenga Inspired

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Recently, I downloaded the image of the woman from Laura Zalenga’s facebook page to use creatively anyway I wished.  I compiled three images together to create this image.  I had so much fun doing this.  I hope you enjoy it!

Summer Travels

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The stairs leading down the cave entrance


Landscape at Mammoth Cave National Park


Relief Sculpture at Dayton Aviation NHP


A replica of the Write Family Store at the Dayton Aviation NHP


The Monument honoring the Write Brothers at Dayton Aviation NHP


The field where the Wright Brothers tested their airplanes in Dayton


A Modern day aircraft flies overhead while visiting the birthplace of aviation, Dayton, OH.


An early aircraft in the National Air Force Museum

This summer, my family took a trip to the Mid West where I am from.  Along the way we made some stops to see the local attractions.  Since we are only about 5 minutes from Mammoth Cave National Park, we stopped in there.  Unfortunately, there were no tours of the cave available, and we didn’t have time to do any of the ones that day even if they were.  So, that is definitely on the list of places to make a trip to, instead of see as you go.  I use to live in Kentucky, and driving through made me miss it even more.  It is a beautiful place with rolling hills and beautiful trees.  It is so green there even in August!

The next stop before our final destination, was Dayton, OH.  My very good friend lives there now (she’s too far!) and I just had to stop to see her.  It was really neat to see the Dayton Aviation NHP and watch about the Wright brothers and their humble beginnings.  We also toured the National Air Force Museum, which is a must see when you are there.  It was perfect to see after learning of the beginnings of aviation.  We also made a stop to the field where the Wright Brothers tested their airplanes. It was really neat to see where all this history took place.  We just need to venture out to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina to make our Aviation History tour complete.  :)

I will post later about our final destination in Indiana.