Ballet Costume

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These are some pictures I took of my daughter in her ballet costume. The ones on the backdrop were inspired by Jennifer Hudson from the Texas School shoot out. I love the way the costume and the backdrop work together to make an almost romantic feel to the images. The sky was slightly overcast, which helped to defuse the light and help with the overall feel as well. I might be taking some more dance costume pictures of her soon at a local garden, so check back! :)

A flower, maybe a weed, that was growing along the fence. It was kind of pretty so I took a picture before we picked it.

Back From Texas School

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I am back from Texas School of Professional Photography, and oh my! am I overwhelmed with all the information I have learned, not to mention all the cool stuff the vendors had to sell me! But, I am always so excited to learn all that I can about my craft, so I can bring to you, my clients, the very best art work for your homes. I am slowly going through my images from the sessions in class and the shoot out we had Thursday night. I hope to be sharing them with all of you soon! So, stay tooned. There is more to come!